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Along with evaluating your eye health, we seriously take time to listen to your visual concerns and together develop the best solution for your unique visual needs.  We believe Our Different Approach is the right way to make sure you receive expert care in both your selection of eyewear and in your eye exam.

Dr. Larry Harrison, Optometrist has been providing expert eyecare services to adults and children in the Bay Area for over 20 years.   Royce Kakar, Optician, has over 16 years of experience in helping you select the best looking frame and in also designing the lightest and most comfortable eyeglasses you've ever had.

We offer not only a wide variety of traditional eyewear designs but also those not-so-common distinctive and unique frame companies.  We consistently pursue emerging frame brands who dedicate themselves to quality and style from around the globe. In addition, many of our frame brands are exclusive to Marin. 

Complete Eye Exams for glaucoma, cataracts and macula degeneration

Specialist Children's Eye Exams with emphasis on reading stress 

Wide selection of Adult Eyewear with speciality of not-so-common frames

Exclusive frame brands including hard to find petite eyewear

•      Wide variety of Children's Eyewear

Free 2 Year Eyewear Frame & Lenses Warranty

Expert at fitting the many types of Progressive "No Line" Lenses

Consultations for possible Lasix and other refractive surgeries

Prescription medication for eye infections like pink eye

Treatment of dry eyes and ocular allergy

Computer assisted peripheral vision and retina sensitivity testing

Optimized digital device prescriptions and computer stress prescriptions

Fitting or refitting of all types of contact lenses

Expert eyeglass repair for San Rafael and surrounding area 

The highest quality optical lenses and anti-reflection coatings available

Outside Eyeglass Prescriptions Accepted 

•         VSP, EyeMed and many other vision and health care insurances

Stop by anytime and browse our eyewear selection. If you like, we are happy to schedule your appointment online.  Just message us with your needs and we'll respond  back to you promptly.

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